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Kate McAlister

Co-founder | Trade mark expert

Kate is an experienced trademark expert that specialises in providing clear, high-quality, strategic trademark advice. Kate has managed global trademark portfolios for some of Australia's biggest companies and advised a range of startups, scale-ups and ASX200 listed companies on trademark management, protection and enforcement in Australia and international markets.

Chris Maher

Co-founder | Trade mark expert

Chris is an expert in strategic trademark management, enforcement and protection. Chris has designed and implemented numerous complex trademark protection and prosecution strategies. Chris has assisted some of the biggest brands in Australia and the US with the management of their trademark portfolios and registration of key brands. 

At Markster, we know you care about your business and your brand.

We are trademark experts with over 18 years of experience helping clients protect their trademarks. 

We offer personalised, fixed-fee, expert trademark services.  We specialise in registering, monitoring and enforcing trademarks offering expert guidance, interpretation, and strategic action plans to successfully achieve trade mark and brand protection for businesses.​​

If you have a trade mark issue or question, please feel free to reach out.

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