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Trademark monitoring

Often businesses only find out their trademark is being infringed when the damage is significant.

Our trademark monitoring service is your early warning system against trademark infringement.


We scan trade mark databases, identifying applications that are identical or similar to yours.

Monitoring ensures you're aware of what trademarks applications others are filing and empowers you to take action before its too late. 

Don't let infringement catch you off guard. Contact us to explore tailored monitoring solutions for your business.

An early warning of trademark infringement.

How would you know if your trademark is being infringed?

If you don't monitor for trademark infringement, you might only find out about the infringement after it starts to harm your brand and business.

Ongoing trademark infringement can lead to loss of revenue, reputation damage and legal complications.

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Monitoring for trademark infringement is an essential part of protecting your trademark. 

Proactive trademark monitoring helps you stop trademark infringement.

Save money

More cost effective than traditional trademark monitoring  methods.

Early trademark enforcement can save you thousands in legal fees.

Protect your reputation

Protect your brand, business and reputation. A monitoring service keeps you in the know and empowers you to take action. 

Avoid a legal nightmare

Avoid or limit a potential a trademark legal dispute, saving time, stress and effort.


Monitor trademarks internationally so you know you’re protected in the markets that matter most.

Get peace of mind

Get peace of mind. Ensure no one can register a similar trademark without you knowing.

Competitive advantage

Provides you with valuable information about your competitors and the marketplace.

Markster's trademark monitoring can help you:







88, 725 trademark applications were filed in Australia last year.

Someone registering a similar trade mark to you can result in serious consequences for your business.

Who's looking out for trademark infringement for you?

Protect against trademark infringement in 3 easy steps:


Contact us

Contact us and ask about our trademark monitoring services.

We'll create a trademark monitoring strategy that suits you and your business.


Trademark monitoring is available in Australia and overseas.


Sign up

Sign up to a low-cost annual subscription that can be cancelled at any time.



We'll review your weekly reports and and forward any that contain new trade mark applications which we think may be of concern. Experience peace of mind knowing no one can register your trade mark without you knowing.

What is trademark infringement?​

Trademark infringement is the unauthorised use of a trademark that is deceptively similar, or substantially identical to a registered trademark.

Is trade mark infringement bad?

Trademark infringement can have serious consequences for your brand and business.

How would I know if someone was infringing my trademark?

Trademark monitoring can help identify infringement.

Trademark monitoring is an essential part of protecting your trademark.

We can help!

Markster provides affordable, easy-to-use trademark monitoring software that helps you identify trademark infringement and protect your brand.

To learn more about trademark protection, download our free guide

Title page to the guide - how to protect your trade mark after registration
A page of the guide placed in a stack
A page of the guide placed in a stack
A page of the guide placed in a stack
A page of the guide placed in a stack
Title page to the guide - how to protect your trade mark after registration
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Help protect against trademark infringement

with trade mark monitoring

What is trademark monitoring and how does it work?


Comprehensive trade mark monitoring

World-class trademark monitoring software is used to scan Australian and international trade mark databases.  Our system searches for identical or similar marks, pinpointing potentially infringing trademark applications that could pose a threat to your business.

Trademark applications resembling yours will be flagged and set out in your personalised report.

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Detailed trademark infringement assessment

We review all reports and and forward any that contain new trademark applications which we think may be of concern.

We assess the risk each trademark application poses to your business, assigning a risk rating to help you prioritise your response.

You remain informed and ready to defend your trademark registration.

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Supporting you to take action against trademark infringement 

If you have concerns about an identified application, simply let us know, and we will guide you through the necessary steps to safeguard your rights.

Possible actions include sending a cease and desist letter or engaging with the relevant trademark office to prevent the registration of the infringing trademark application.


Early intervention is key, as it often simplifies the process of stopping the trademark infringement, saving you stress and legal costs. 


Partner with Markster to protect your trademark registration.

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“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Markster. Thorough, commercial and professional - among the best lawyers I’ve worked with.”

David Sparks

Co-founder, AirAuctioneer

"We had a trade mark infringement upon our brand for ten years. Within four weeks of engaging Markster, we had a resolution to the problem and no longer have an infringement of our trade mark. I cannot recommend Markster highly enough.”

Jacine Greenwood

CEO and Founder, Roccoco Botanicals

“We were facing challenges with trademarking our business name and logo, until we engaged the Markster team. It didn’t take long for our trade mark applications to be accepted, thanks to Markster."

Thomas Kuzma

Managing Director, Xmedia

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Monitor your trademark registration today

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