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Trademark applications

Navigating the intricacies of trademark registration can be difficult. Our streamlined, personalised trademark application service makes the process of applying for a trademark easy.


We cover everything from conducting comprehensive searches proactively identifying challenges that could arise, to navigating the intricacies of the trademark application process.


We guide you every step of the way, crafting personalised goods and service descriptions  filing the application, managing the paperwork, taking care of any issues, and providing strategic advice to strengthen your application and ensure your trademark protects your brand.

We can also help you file an international trademark application so your brand is protected in the countries you currently or intend to do business.

Considering filing a trademark application? Make it a straightforward and stress-free process by getting in touch.

Get streamlined, personalised help to register your trademarks.

Why do you need a registered trademark?

1. Registering a trademark gives you the exclusive right to use that trademark.

2. A registered trademark can be used to stop trademark infringement, and is a crucial step to protect your brand.


3. Trademark registration helps to prevent others from capitalising on your brand's uniqueness and reputation.

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The benefits to registering a trademark:

The risks of not having a trademark registration:

1. Your trademark is vulnerable to infringement

2. Potential for market confusion and a weakened brand presence.

3. It's more difficult to assert your rights and stop others from using the same or a similar mark.

Need help with trademark registration?

Don't risk your brand.


Protect it with a registered trademark with help from trademark experts today.

Why choose Markster to help with a trademark application:


Our track record speaks for itself. We've helped many businesses register, monitoring and enforce their trademarks to successfully secure their brands. 


Having a trade mark expert on your side can significantly increase your likelihood of success.

Greater chance of success

Reduce the risk to your business. We provide expert trademark services and strategic advice to help you protect your brand. 

Our deep trade mark expertise and knowledge helps us provide effective trade mark strategies and advice to ensure successful outcomes.  

Expert services

Our advice is clear and easy to understand.

We guide you through every stage of the process so you never feel uninformed or unsure about what to do next. 

Receive clear advice

Navigating the trade mark process can be complicated and time-consuming. As experts in the field, we take care of the challenging parts for you, freeing up your time and saving you the headache. 

Save yourself the headache

Experience a high quality service at an affordable fixed price. You'll understand exactly what you're paying for and there are no hidden fees.

Affordable fixed fee service

We provide fast response times so that you secure your brand as soon as possible.

Fast response times

“I would strongly recommend Markster! The team at Markster educated me about brand protection, was patient and made me feel confident that I was making good decisions. The whole process was easy and straightforward”

Holly Brailsford

CEO & Co-founder, Brancher

"Anyone who is looking to start a new business and is wondering what how to protect their IP should definitely contact Markster. The Markster team clearly and succinctly provided us with the understanding we needed about our IP needs and then put all the necessary measures in place. 

Markster provides you with 100% confidence that your new venture is being protected. Of the many things to think about when setting up a new business, IP was not a worry for us!"

Andrew Price

Managing Director, Thunderbet

"The process was very fast and easy. The advice was clear. I’d highly recommend the Markster team if you need any trade mark advice or help, and will be using them again for anything that comes up for my business."

Thomas Kuzma

Managing Director, Xmedia

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Protect your brand

with a registered trademark

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