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How much does it cost to register a trademark? A full breakdown

Updated: Apr 8

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This article provides a breakdown of trademark registration costs in Australia.

The cost to register a trademark in Australia starts from $250. This is the fee payable to IP Australia to file a standard trademark application in one class.

However, the total cost of obtaining a trademark depends on whether you get expert help, your specific trademark application filing strategy, and whether you run into any issues during the application process.

Here's a full breakdown to give you an idea of how much it costs to register your trademark in Australia.

What impacts the cost to file a trademark application?

If you wish to file the application yourself, the only cost you will need to pay is the IP Australia fee.

However, there are a couple of factors that can impact the total cost to apply for a trademark, including:

  1. Whether you file the application yourself or use a trademark lawyer;

  2. The number of classes of goods and services you apply for;

  3. The type of application you file; and

  4. Whether you use the picklist or manually enter the goods and services.

Factors that can impact the cost to file a trade mark application infographic

Other costs before trademark registration

If you run into any issues after you've filed your application, it could increase the total cost of your application. For example, if you choose the wrong class, the examiner might request that you add an extra class to your application. 

If you encounter other issues before registration, such as an objection or opposition, you might need the help of a trademark lawyer to get your trade mark registered.

With the right advice, you can proactively manage and avoid issues from arising. We can help you with expert advice before you file your application. A good strategy can end up cheaper in the long run, so get in touch today.

Trademark costs in Australia for 2024

The government fees payable to IP Australia when you file a trade mark application are set out in the table below:

Standard application

Fee payable per class (GST free)

Using the picklist


Manually entered goods and services


TM Headstart application

Fee payable per class (GST free)

Part 1 fee


Part 2 fee


Series trademark application

Fee payable per class (GST free)

Using the picklist


Manually entered goods and services


The fee depends on the type of application you choose and the total number of classes you apply for. 

These fees are current as of 2024, and will not be subject to change until the 2027-2028 financial year.

Factors that impact the cost of registering a trademark

1. Getting trademark services from an expert

If you file a trademark application yourself, you'll only need to pay an application fee to IP Australia. 

If you use a lawyer, agent or online filing service, in addition to the IP Australia fee, a fee will be payable for the service you receive. 

However, using a lawyer to help register your trademark can help reduce your costs in the long run. Check out our detailed article on whether to use a lawyer to file your application.

2. Additional classes will increase the cost of a trademark

The number of classes you need depends on the scope of products and services you want to protect.

Many business only need one class. However, if your business provides a wide range of products and services under the trade mark, you might need several classes.

Applying to protect for products or services that you're not already providing, or intending to provide under the trade mark can often be a waste of money.

Check out our article on how to choose the right goods and services for your application.

3. The type of application you choose impacts the cost to file a trademark

Filing a standard application is cheaper overall, however the benefit of a TM Headstart application is that you can cut your potential losses. 

The difference between the two is that a TM Headstart application includes an initial examination from IP Australia. This will give you an indication of whether your application is likely to be accepted, or will run into issues. You can then pay a Part 2 fee if you want to convert your headstart application into a standard application.

If the initial headstart examination indicates you're not likely to get your application accepted, you don't need to pay the Part 2 fee.

Some people like to file a headstart application for that reason - however most application are filed as standard applications. A series trademark application is even less common - they're often filed incorrectly.

4. Reduce the cost to register a trade mark with the picklist

For a standard application, there are two ways to enter the goods and services description which will change the cost. It's cheaper to file an application using the pick list. If you enter the description manually, the fee will be higher.

There are several other benefits to using the pick list. It guarantees that you will choose the correct class for your goods and services, and that they will be accepted. This means you can avoid having to pay additional fees if an examiner considers that you've selected the wrong class.

So as well as being cheaper, using the pick list can help you to avoid unexpected additional costs.

It might be necessary to enter the description manually if your products or services don't appear on the pick list, or if you need to make them very specific. This isn't usually necessary unless you've already run into issues, or have an agreement in place with another party to avoid confusion or conflict with your trade marks.

How much does a trade mark search cost?

You can perform a free trade mark search by using the Australian Trade Mark Search on IP Australia's website.

However,  it can be tricky to do an accurate TM search without experience. If you want to be sure, you should get a trademark lawyer to do a search for you.

If you choose to engage a lawyer to help with filing the application, searches will often be included as part of the standard costs for filing an application.

How much does it cost to renew a trademark?

The cost to renew a trade mark is $400 per class. The renewal fee is payable every 10 years from the date the application was filed.

If you have a trade mark attorney or lawyer looking after your intellectual property registrations, they might renew your trade mark on your behalf - however there are often additional fees associated with this service.

How much does an international trademark cost?

There's no such thing as a global trademark. Accordingly, the cost for registering an international trade mark varies significantly depending on the countries, the filing method (Madrid or direct/local filing), the number of classes and even the type of trade mark. 

Read our guide about filing directly or using a WIPO application to find out more about the considerations of an international trade mark application.

Want to optimise your trade mark application strategy?

We can help. If you need help with your trademark or have a trademark issue, contact us today.

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*Please note, the information in this article is general in nature and is not legal advice. You should seek independent legal advice tailored to you and your circumstances.


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